Variations: No.1

Variations: No.1

Every day people form impressions about other people in a snap. In a world where first impressions are often final impressions and people have no time, or interest really, to get to know someone beyond that first impression, how do even the smallest interactions influence how we will be perceived?

Fall in love. Feel the same. Dance in the streets. Scream your lungs out. Share your secrets. Give your heart away. Have another drink. Give up smoking. Pretend this has never happened. Just google it. Keep your inbox empty. Why did you not text me back? What do you want? You talk too much. Put it on Facebook. Clean the toilet. Wear Prada. Sell sex. Just leave me alone. Hug me. Sing to me. Don’t hold on so tight. Slow down. Don’t hesitate to contact me. 

“At any given moment in our lives, there are certain things that could have happened but, didn't.” (Paulo Coelho)

Concept, Direction & Costumes: Ermira Goro
Choreography: Ermira Goro and the performers
Music Composition: Stavros Gasparatos
Lighting Design: Vangelis Mountrichas
Dramaturgical advisor: Márton Imola

ActorsBajkó László
Gáll Katalin
Polgár Emília
Szekrényes László
Veres Nagy Attila
Sound technicianChirițescu György
Lighting technicianSzabó Huba
Stage managerBartók Enikő
Props, wardrobe assistantBoth Melinda
Light designVaggelis Mountrichas
Variations: No.1
2019-10-30 18:00:00 Háromszék Dance Studio | PREMIER
2019-11-13 19:00:00 Háromszék Dance Studio