Projects and programs for the 2019/2020 season

Rita Góbi is the choreographer of our first premiere in the season. Sniffle&giggle premiers on 15th of September from 7 pm in the Háromszék Dance Studio.

Rita Góbi is a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher who has participated in numerous residency programs across Europe and the United States. In 2017 he was included in Aerowaves Twenty18 Young Creator and in 2018 he was awarded the Lábán Rudolf Prize. His style is characterized by minimalism and precise choreography.

The production evokes the past through an image-like, fragmentary and sometimes elusive structure of memories. By getting into their ancestors’ skin, the performers are showing us an era before they were born. Sometimes the scenes stop suddenly; the motion of the vigorous body becomes repetitive and the misshapen, heavy, rugged movements of the old-aged pass into abstract dance. The states of childhood and agedness play with each other. The rich scale of movements runs along a toddler’s unsteady steps and an elderly man’s wobbly walk.

The piece reveals the relations within the community, of the time spent together and next to each other from which the soloistic scenes emerge. Past and present are superposed by the microscopic examination of human life’s small moments. The performance explores a time that expands between life’s two endpoints - the first and last moment of immobility.

Rita Góbi directs for the first time at our company. Composer David Szegő, light designer Zuzana Režná, costume designer Marie Gourdain, playwright Anna Zsigó. The production is sustained by The Administration of the National Cultural Fund (AFCN) and the Bethlen Gábor Foundation.

The second premiere of the season will be directed by Ermira Goro and will premiere on 30th of October. Ermira Goro, member of the DV8 Physical Theater in the UK, premiered in Sepsiszentgyörgy in 2017 in the frame of FLOW2 Festival - featured in Dandelion, a coproduction of Onassis Cultural Center. This year she returns as choreographer. Variations: No. 1 is a production that seeks to gain a true understanding of oneself and the other through the language of dance and physical theater. She directs for the first time in Romania. The performance is sustained by the Bethlen Gábor Foundation.

Cosmin Manolescu is a dance artist and choreographer from Bucharest, who will direct the third premiere of the season. The artist is also a choreographer, curator and artistic director of the Serial Paradise Company / Fundația Gabriela Tudor, currently participating in international projects and residency programs from Bucharest to Tokyo. The performance is scheduled for mid-March 2020. The performance is sustainedby the Bethlen Gábor Foundation.

FLOW3 will take place in Sfântu Gheorghe between 13-17 November, 2019. This year as well, the festival features high-quality productions representing the major trends in the international dance scene. The third FLOW will feature a joint production by Emanuel Gat Dance (FR), Josef Nadj (FR), Gobi Rita Company (HU), Central European Dance Theater (HU) and Anton Lachky (SK).

LIFT - boys will be boys continues to participate on international festivals: after previous season's performances in Iran, Germany, Bulgaria and Croatia, LIFT team participates on the Pro Contra International Theater Festival (September 7) in Szczecin Poland, and on the International Dance Meeting in Pécs, Hungary on September 17.
The Danse noir production by Dora Barta will be touring in Budapest, Debrecen, Timisoara and Novi Sad.

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