Online premiere in December

"Pam Param" is an anthology of human vocal percussion. Beyond the uniqueness and virtuosity of each performer, these voices evoque a certain culture. The six performers allow themselves to be manipulated by the voices, but sometimes they’re also generating them. Therefore the performance is based on a body language that relies on this rhythmic installation. Whether it's a duet on "Konnakol" (the Indian art of creating percussion by rhythmically repeating syllables) or an ensemble that synchronizes with the hallucinatory voice of an American bidder, the bodies become the palpable image of sound in space. From choreographic point of view, the purpose of movement is to be in a dynamic relationship with the sound – Pam Param is an impression of these sounds that appears differently in each performer.

Concept & choreography by Andrea Gavriliu, scenography Irina Moscu and music Mihai Dobre.
The production was sustained by Sf. Gheorghe Town Hall and Bethlen Gabor Foundation.

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