Josef Nadj | Mnémosyne | FLOW3

Josef Nadj | Mnémosyne | FLOW3

Mnémosyne to express the memory of a world: the world of the choreographer and visual artist Josef Nadj. Thirty years after the creation of his first performance, he produces a global piece, both photographic project and theatrical performance. All along his journey, since he was a student at the school of Fine Arts of Budapest, the artist has taken pictures. Reclaiming a practice developed alongside his main work, Josef Nadj digs into his own memory to widen once again his creative horizon. Artistic turning point or return to the roots? For Mnémosyne, he has conceived a large photographic exhibition and a black box in which he stages himself - acting, dancing, performing - in a close distance with his audience.

Conception & performance | Josef Nadj
Lights | Rémi Nicolas
Set construction & technical manager | Sylvain Blocquaux
Music | Peter Vogel, Schubert performed by Emmanuelle Tat
Set Manager | Marie Boussat

Photographs & video | Josef Nadj
Artistic collaboration | Dudás Szabolcs
Framing | Jean-Pierre Haie - Atelier Demi-Teinte
Technical manager | Sylvain Blocquaux

• 11.14 
18h | 19:30h | 21h
Tamási Áron Theatre | Kamara Hall

• 11.15
16h | 19h
Tamási Áron Theatre | Kamara Hall

• 11.16
16h | 19h
Tamási Áron Theatre | Kamara Hall

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