Guest performances in April by Central Europe Dance Theatre

Progressive. Stylish. Contemporary. The Central Europe Dance Theatre (CEDT) is one of the most powerful and impressive dance companies, wich is unique in the region.

14th of April, 7 pm - Háromszék Dance Studio ('35)

Performer: Mádi László
Choreographer: Mészáros Máté

What does a dancer do when there is no dance? The experience of the show is transfered to the audience by the dancer, whom is the “medium” for acsessing the phisical and musical expression of the piece.

“The dancer moves, wrapped in the beat of the music, the strings that bind us move, and pull us to feel the rhythm within his body. We move, our intentions grow, we grow, the strings have been pulled inside us as if we were the instrument. The music stops, but we are the music now, we keep beating, feeling each other, shining eyes, all together in that moment.


15the of SPril, 7 pm - Háromszék Dance Studio

Performed by Central Europe Dance Theatre
Choreographer: Eryk Makohon

Central Europe Dance Theater's Poly by Eryk Makohon - choreography by the founder and director Cracow Dance Theater. Eryk's choreography was inspired by changes in relationship building processes. It is an exciting and complicated, almost opaque, yet mathematically accurate, relationship-based approach to the starting point of the work. Situations are structured by socially coded behavior patterns that are typically amplified on the dance stage, with their unrestrained freedom, and at the same time with the inevitable codes of behavioral protocol. Eryk Makohon - founder, director and choreographer of the Cracow Dance Theater. Permanent teacher at the Ludwik Solski State Drama School in Krakow at the Dance Theater Department where he teaches Polish dance techniques, contemporary and modern dance, dance theater formulas. He worked as a dancer for the first time in Krakow and then in Silesia, the Silesian Dance Theater. From the very beginning, he led his own group, which after a few years was transformed into an institution called Cracow Dance Theater, which is currently the most active and well-known dance theater in Poland. The Central Europe Dance Theater is the first Hungarian company he worked with.

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