FLOW3 International Movement Theatre Festival

This year's edition of the festival will feature productions that give an insight into the different trends of current European dance and movement theater. The five-day event features four invited productions, the latest performance from M Studio and open discussions with the invited artists.

One of the new features of the festival is a permanent program point, the production Mnémosyne  by Josef Nadj - a photo exhibition /performance that can be attended several times during the festival. The French company Emanuel Gat Dance will perform on the festival with SACRE | WORKS. The audience will have the chance to see the Góbi Dance Company with the solo performance Volitant and Central European Dance Theater's Special Society, a dance piece choreographed by Anton Lachky.

Studio M present Variations: No.1 in the choreography og Ermira Goro. Tickets are available in the Tickets Office in Sfântu Gheorghe and on www.biletmaster.ro.

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