Central Europe Dance Theater | Special Society | FLOW3

Central Europe Dance Theater | Special Society | FLOW3

The Special Society of a surrealistic painting comes to life in a world of enchanted castle, where dream and fantasy join the rational world, creating an absolute reality that is the source of the imagination. Fantastic, grotesque pictures pulsate on stage. The constantly changing characters seek unconscious, spontaneous revelation, and are feed from conscious mind control. The energy of choreography stretches the frames, the dynamics of movements and the vibrating colours creates its own universe. In this hypnotic dream nothing is real but everything is true.
The choreographer, Anton Lachky crosses our own border, open our feelings and entices a journey where we have never been before. Are you ready to travel with us?

Choreography: Anton Lachky
Lights: Fogarasi Zoltán
Performers: Dabóczi Dávid, Hargitai Mariann, Horváth Adrienn, Mádi László, Nyeste Adrienn, Szilvási Anna, Takács László, Tóth Laura, Ungi Krisztián


• 11.16 
20h | Háromszék Dance Studio

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